EF9030 Welding Filter

1.Configuration ADF Model: EF9030.

2.Viewing area: 90×30mm,1/2/1/2,True Color, Ultra-HD Quality.

3.UV/IR protection: DIN15

4.Light shade: DIN 3.

5.Dark shade:DIN9 or DIN 11

6.Power supply: Solar cell and  Lithium batteries

7. Switching Time (light to dark): 1/20,000S

8.Delay Time(dark to light):0.2-0.4s..

9.Arc sensor:2


11. Power on/off : automatic.

12.ADF Frame Size:108X50X6 mm.                                       

13.Electro-optical technology of Germany.

14.Warranty: 1 year limited.                                                                              

15. Mode: Weld

16.Low Amps TIG Rated: AC/DC TIG:≥15 amps

17.Operating Temp: -10℃–+55℃

18.Storage Temp:-20°C ~+ 70°C